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Australia’s largest prop sale company

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Purchase a Gorilla…..Purchase a Giraffe…..Purchase a Dinosaur…..
If you want it, chances are, we have it!

THE WOW FACTA is Australia’s largest supplier of unique life size animals, figurines and celebrity character props for your business or home premises.
We also supply artificial plants, palms, green walls and much, much more!

All props and products are available for purchase if you are keen to have your selection on permanent display.

THE WOW FACTA can manage the transport and installation of props, no matter what size or weight and specialises in bringing your purchase to life where ever you want it placed.

Browse our GALLERY and be inspired by the endless ideas and life size props available for hire
If you are searching for something specific, give us a call.
We would love to help you find exactly what you are looking for.