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Hi There!

Please read and complete the following details so we can get your booking processed and invoiced.

Until we have received full payment of your invoice, we are unable to guarantee your booking and that your hire items will still be available.

Please read the terms and conditions prior to completing the form.

These details may affect the price of delivery as special requirements may be needed to get the hired items placed in the desired space.

 If you have not taken any of these factors into consideration, you may run the risk of not having your selected items at your event or function and is non-refundable.

(Depending on the size of hire items -2 people (physically suitable) may be required for delivery and staging. If your hire items require 2 people and there is no help onsite, we would need to send another staff member to assist. This could impact our ability to deliver your items if you have not let us know and will also incur an extra fee when quoting hire job)
The hiring of The Wow Facta items is both exciting and fun. Our items guarantee to bring The WOW facta to your party or function. Payment All hire must be paid in FULL prior to delivery unless prior arrangements have been approved. Time : Delivery and collection Hires are based on an agreed timeframe and customers are responsible for any extra costs associated with changing the delivery and collection times and agreements. Extra charges may apply for collection and deliveries which occur after hours, holidays, weekends, peak hours if not already included in your Agreement. An extra fee will be charged if for any reason we are unable to access your venue at the agreed times, or if the person responsible to accept delivery or collection of the hired items is not available. You may run the risk of our personnel needing to move on to the next delivery and not having the items at your function or us having to return at another time to deliver or collect the hired items. Labour arrangements: Delivery and collection If your Agreement allows for us to supply extra labour for delivery and collection, then the fees will already be included in the hire. Delivery: If you are responsible to have labour available for delivery and setup, and it is not available at the agreed time of delivery, you may run the risk of us not delivering the items hired. Collection: If you are responsible to have labour available to do pick up, and it is not available at time of collection, you may run the risk of us not collecting the items hired and you will be responsible for the hired items left on site and for the additional costs for us having to arrange a new collection date. If at the time of collection, we need to arrange labour, an extra fee will be charged. Damage Repairs and Theft Our items are strong but can sustain damage if not cared for. Customers take full responsibility for the items for their full hire time. In the event of theft or damage you will be wholly responsible for the repair or replacement of the hired goods at the retail cost. We recommend that for large functions you have security keep an extra eye on our items as they are lightweight, and theft can be an issue. Photo use Unless otherwise stated all Photos we take may be used on our digital and print media .